Before the show

Before the show… “it’s Go-Pro technology…” some “interviews” with fans, possibly better than the actual stand-up ??

After first ever stand-up comedy gig!

Thanks so much to all those who came over to support me and the other (amazing) beginner stand-ups yesterday during the @angelcomedy showcase! It really means a lot. Also those who couldn’t make it but kept their fingers crossed for us, it really helped! I have to admit I don’t remember much from the stage, the spotlight in my eyes, nerves eating me up and all, but I was told people laughed, and I know I laughed so hard from the jokes that the other guys have made, seriously my abs still hurt even today! I will share the recoding when I get it of course, so stay tuned!

For now have this little behind the scenes teaser:

*ba dum tsss*

What is a joke? It’s a story and a reveal, or how some people like to call it a setup and a punchline… Now the reason they also call a reveal a punchline is because it’s suppose to hit you (ง’̀-‘́)ง The best jokes are the ones that surprise you (☉_☉) but in a good way (^o^) And of course always end with…

ba dum tsss

First ever stand-up comedy gig!

As some of you may know I’ve challenged myself this year to try stand-up comedy, now after taking a 5-week stand-up comedy course at Angel Comedy you can come to support and watch me and some other talented beginner stand ups doing our first ever gig during the Stand Up Showcase on the 8th of April 2017 at 4 PM!


Is it worth it? Well, I’m doing it for the laughs *ba dum tss*