First ever stand-up comedy gig!

As some of you may know I’ve challenged myself this year to try stand-up comedy, now after taking a 5-week stand-up comedy course at Angel Comedy you can come to support and watch me and some other talented beginner stand ups doing our first ever gig during the Stand Up Showcase on the 8th of April 2017 at 4 PM!


Is it worth it? Well, I’m doing it for the laughs *ba dum tss*

2 Replies to “First ever stand-up comedy gig!”

  1. Hi Lukasz, it’s Chris Chapman here! Wow now your doing stand up! I would loved to have come but we are away up north from 8th April, let me know on the refdata channel if your allowed to do any more gigs Haha ! Cheers all the best ! Chris

    1. Thanks Chris, much appreciated, you are officially the first person to comment on my website, this gives you bragging rights if I’m ever famous 😉 I will definately do more open-mic nights after this, pretty much until my self estems runs out 🙂

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